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About Pearls

There are two types of pearls: cultured and natural but these days cultured pearls dominate the market. Natural pearls and cultured freshwater pearls are usually irregularly shaped.
Saltwater pearls grow within the pearl oyster and consist of nacre or mother of pearl which is deposited in layers to form the pearl.
Freshwater pearls grow within mussels and are made up entirely of mother of pearl.  Because large numbers of freshwater pearls can be produced by one mussel and only two pearls can be produced by an oyster, freshwater pearls are therefore much cheaper than saltwater pearls.  It must be noted however that the quality of freshwater pearls can be equal to that of saltwater pearls. Parel

rregular shaped freshwater pearls are called baroque pearls and come in a wide range of colours, however, white and pink are the naturally occurring colours. The use of laser or gamma rays causes the pearls to go blue, brown, green, gold, bronze etc. To determine whether pearls are genuine one test is to rub them against your teeth.  If the pearls feel rough they are usually genuine, however, if the pearls feel smooth they are ordinary “kralen”.